Why Sell By Auction?

Sell On Auction

There are many good reasons why any property owner should sell by Auction but I guess the main reasons are the following.

  1. To save on commissions. We charge anywhere between 3.5% to 4.5%, depending on the property and the Vendors choice in the agreement.
  2. We guarantee weekly advertising on local newspapers, foreign and local magazines, flight magazines and much more.
  3. Having In-house financing guarantees unconditional offers and avoids lengthy conditional offers that most times fall through because the purchasers were not financially qualified, correctly.
  4. Personal attention is given to all our Lots On Auction giving us more time to concentrate on a few and getting them sold quickly and efficiently.
  5. Each property costs Malta Property Auctioneers between €2200 to €2400 in advertising costs which includes the design and printing of our quarterly Catalog, thousands of emails sent regularly, adverts, Spot Advertising etc. Therefore, making us just as anxious as the Vendors, in selling our properties.
  6. Rightfully so, everyone in Malta including Taxi Drivers, Shop Owners, Professionals and many others, want a commission on properties that they have assisted in selling. We at Malta Property Auctioneers guarantee them just that. We take it a step further by sending out emails and other forms of correspondence with all our latest properties on Auction and keep anyone that is interested, updated on a regular basis. This includes any Real Estate Company that is willing to split the commission on the sale of a Lot on Auction. We at Malta Property Auctioneers much prefer earning a little less commission and moving on to the next sale.

Our expertise in Marketing, Negotiating and knowledge of the local Real Estate Market helps us in selling property fast and efficiently and our personal attention in selling one’s home has made us successful.